There is a WADL document available that describes the resources API.

name path methods description
Price API
  • /product-information/price/prices
The price API specifically handles product prices. It's useful when you are only interested in the prices and not related product data.
Product API
  • /product-information/product/products
  • GET
Products is the heart of the product information management system that ties everything together. A product has stock keeping unit with attributes, prices and stock balances. A product also has brands, properties and much more. Note that stock balances are not included in the "product information management" API.

Data Types

type description
Language Defines the languages that can be used in ETM.

The values of languages are from the ISO 639-1 standard.

Price Defines a single price of a stock keeping unit.
PriceUpdate Holds information about a single update of a product price.
PriceUpdateInformation Holds information about a single update of a product price.
Product Contains information about a new or updated products.
ProductResult Holds a search result of products.
ProductTranslation Defines a translation of a product in a specific language.
StockKeepingUnit The purchasable unit of a product.
StockKeepingUnitTranslation Defines a translation of a stock keeping unit in a specific language.