There is a WADL document available that describes the resources API.

name path methods description
Customer API
  • /customer-relationships/customer/customers
  • /customer-relationships/customer/customers/{customerId}
  • /customer-relationships/customer/customers/{customerId}/subscriptions
  • GET
Allows retrieving and updating customer information.
Note API
  • /customer-relationships/note/notes
  • GET
API for retrieving customer notes.
Offer API
  • /customer-relationships/offer/offers
  • /customer-relationships/offer/offers/{offerId}/offer-codes
  • GET
  • POST
Allows to retrieve offer-information and add offer-codes.
Subscription API
  • /customer-relationships/subscription/subscriptions
  • GET
Allows for retrieval of subscription information.

Data Types

type description
Address Contains an Address
AppliedToPrices Defines how offers are applied to variants based on their price.
ArrivalMethod Arrival method
ArrivalMethod Arrival method
BlockCode Block Code
Campaign Campaign
CancellationReason Cancellation Reason
CancellationReason Cancellation Reason
Category Customer Category
Consent Customer's consent.
ConsentKey Consent key (name).
ConsentValue Consent value.
Customer Customer information.
Customer Customer
CustomerChanges Contains changes that applies to a customer.
CustomerResult Holds a search result of customers.
CustomersToAddOrUpdate Contains a customer to add or update
DefaultPaymentMethod Default Payment Method
DefaultTermsOfPayment Default Terms Of Payment
Gender The gender of a customer.
InvoiceAddress Invoice Address
Note A note.
NoteCode A note code. (Also known as standard note)
NoteResult Holds a list of notes.
Offer Offer
OfferCode OfferCode
OfferCodes OfferCodes to add to a specific offer
OfferResult Holds a search result of offers.
OfferType The type of offer.
Parameter A variable condition or value of an offer
PaymentMethod Payment method
PaymentMethod Payment method
PreviousDelivery Previous Delivery information
Store A marketplace where the offer is made available
Subscription Subscription information.
Subscription Subscription information.
SubscriptionProduct Subscription product
SubscriptionResult Holds a search result of subscriptions.
SubscriptionResult Holds a search result of subscriptions.
UpcomingDeliveries Upcoming deliveries