There is a WADL document available that describes the resources API.

name path methods description
Authentication API
  • /my-pages-v2/authentication/authentications
  • /my-pages-v2/authentication/matches
  • POST
  • POST
This API allows customers to log in (either manually with a password or through the so-called "soft-login"), change customer information, look at order history, track parcels and more.
Customer API
  • /my-pages-v2/customer/customers
  • /my-pages-v2/customer/me
  • POST
The customer object is the most central resource of the "My pages" API.
Delivery API
  • /my-pages-v2/delivery/deliveries
  • /my-pages-v2/delivery/deliveries/{deliveryId}
  • GET
  • GET
Provides methods for managing deliveries for customers that are logged in to the "My pages" API.
Offer API
  • /my-pages-v2/offer/offers
  • GET
Provides methods for managing offers for customers that are logged in to the "My pages" API.
Order API
  • /my-pages-v2/order/orders
  • /my-pages-v2/order/orders/{orderNumber}
  • /my-pages-v2/order/orders/{orderNumber}/return-slips
  • GET
  • GET
  • POST
Provides methods for managing orders for customers that are logged in to the "My pages" API.
Rental API
  • /my-pages-v2/rental/rentals
  • /my-pages-v2/rental/rentals/{rentalId}/renew-payment-info
  • GET
  • POST
Provides methods for managing rentals for customers that are logged in to the "My pages" API.
Reset password API
  • /my-pages-v2/reset-password/tokens
  • /my-pages-v2/reset-password/tokens/{token}
  • /my-pages-v2/reset-password/tokens/{token}/resets
  • POST
  • GET
  • POST
It's not rare that consumers lose their passwords. This API provides a safe way for consumers to reset their passwords. ETM never sets the passwords, instead a token will be generated. This token will be sent out to the consumer (most commonly using an e-mail). By following a link, the consumer can then enter the new password themselves.
Subscription API
  • /my-pages-v2/subscription/subscriptions
  • /my-pages-v2/subscription/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}
  • /my-pages-v2/subscription/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/cancel
  • GET
  • POST
Provides methods for managing subscriptions for customers that are logged in to the "My pages" API.

Data Types

type description
Address Information about a geographical address.
ApplicationError Represents an application error object that contains information about a specific error thrown by the system.
ApplicationErrors Defines a list of errors.
AuthenticationRequest Defines a request to authenticate a customer to the "My pages" API by providing an identifier (for example an email address) and a password, among other things.
CancellationDetails Contains the details for a cancellation
Credentials Holds customer credentials for authenticating to "My pages".
Customer A customer is the central part of ETM. It holds information required to communicate with the customer and holds shipping information for the customer.
CustomerInfo Information about a customer being matched.
LocalAddress Information about a local geographical address. A local address means that it has no awareness of country.
MatchIdentifier Specifies a single identifier to use for the matching strategy.
MatchIdentifierKind Defines various kinds of matching strategies.
MatchRequest Information for a request to attempt to match an existing customer. If matched properly, a "My pages" API token will be returned.
Offer An MyPagesOffer defines an offer connected against a customer category

A customer can be connected to several customer categories

Order An order defines a purchase made online or in a physical store.

One customer can have multiple orders and an order can potentially have multiple parcels, with or without tracking information.

OrderRow An order row defines a row from a purchase

Each order contains one or several rows

Parcel Holds tracking information for a shipped parcel, tied to a specific order.
ParcelTimeLine Holds possible statuses for shipped parcels, tied to a specific order.
PaymentInfo Holds information about how a subscription or rental is being paid periodically.
RegisterCustomer Contains information for registering a customer into the system.
RenewalAction Defines various actions that needs to be done by the client when renewing payment information.
RenewalRequest Holds information for initiating a renewal of payment information for a specific rental.
RenewalResult Information about successfully renewed payment information.
ResetPasswordRequest Contains information for requesting a new reset password token.
SetPasswordRequest Contains the new password that will be set for a customer. Notice that we only accept a single password value here, so it is recommended to perform a confirmation check on the API client side before passing it to this API.
Source Source of order
SubscriptionRowsToUpdate Contains changes that applies to a subscription row.
SubscriptionToUpdate Contains changes that applies to a subscription.
UpdateCustomer Contains information for updating a customer. To not update certain fields, simply do not send then.
UpdatePassword Contains information for updating the customer password. To update the customer password, the current password is required.